Barbie is Molly's doll, whom Molly collects to give away with some other toys to Sunnyside, a Day Care center for small children. Barbie is devastated that Molly has given her away, and the toys try to comfort her. She is brightened up when they learn that they will be played with, and she meets Ken, and they instantly hit it off. Barbie stays with Ken, not knowing that the other toys are being handled very roughly in the other room. When she learnes about what happened, she gets angry at Ken for lying and takes her scarf back from him. She prefers to be jailed with the other toys that she came with. She helps them escape by tricking Ken and dressing up in one of his astronauts outfits. When they are battling outside near the trash dumpster, she attempts to go with the toys but Ken holds onto her. In the end, she and Ken turn Sunnyside into a Groovy place! More soon!