Nori is a blue-haired mermaid with a purple-pink fin who accompanies Elina on her quest to find and rescue Nalu in the second Barbie: Fairytopia movie, titled Mermaidia. Nori is introduced towards the beginning of the movie, when Elina has come to Mermaidia to try to find Nalu. She needs help and comes across Nori. Nori does not know that Nalu is missing, and she denies that Nalu would send for Elina and not for her, particularly because she sees herself as Nalu's best friend and harbors secret feelings for him.

At first Nori is a bit mean to Elina, and she tries various methods to lose her and to take up the quest of finding Nalu herself, but Elina is pretty good at keeping up. Nori tries to outswim her and while she succeeds when Elina is in the water, they tie when Elina jumps out of the water and begins to fly. At one point Elina is caught and Nori swims to help her, and it is during this time that Nori has begun to change towards Elina. Nori is becoming kinder and friendlier, and as time goes on the two become friends. Nori also realizes that she should not dislike Elina because of what she thinks exists between Elina and Nalu, because they are truly only friends. In reality, Nalu also likes Nori.

At first I wasn't sure what to really think about Nori. I loved her as a character but I couldn't help but notice the way she was mean towards Elina. I mean, Elina is wonderful, kind, and just lovely overall, and I couldn't like someone who didn't like her. Or could I? I came to like Nori because she is very honest, and her feelings reflect that. She is jealous of Elina, but instead of trying to hide it and pretending to be nice to her, she isn't. She remains distant. But when they begin to work together, Nori begins to be more and more friendly towards Elina. When Elina needs help, Nori rushes to help her. In the end, Nori is revealed to be a wonderful and friendly character who was only insecure. Although she feels jealousy, she is not a bad person. Plus, she looks awesome in blue! For more info please visit Wikipedia.