Barbie: Princess Charm School

Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted, regular young girl who lives in the city of Gardania with her sickly mother and younger sister, while working vigorously as a waitress in order to help better support them. Blair wins a lottery to attend Princess Charm School as Lady Royal because Emily secretly puts her name for many times per day.

In this school, Blair has her own sprite named Grace who will be her personal assistant. Other princesses also have their own sprite. In this school, Blair gets two best friends, Isla and Hadley. Blair makes a lot of mistakes at school, especially towards Delancy who is going to be the Princess of Gardania after the death of Queen Isabella's family.

However, Hadley and Isla tell Blair that there is a legend about Princess Sophia. Not all of the family was killed. There is also a crown that will glow when the true heir wears it. Because she made too many mistakes, Blair is going to be expelled from school, but the headmistress Miss Privet decides to train her alone. Blair soon improves her dancing, balancing, and behaving.

In winter, the students have an opportunity to dance with male students from the Prince Charming Academy. Blair, then, dances with Prince Nicholas. One time, the students visit the Gardania Palace. In this palace, Blair, Hadley, and Isla find a picture of Queen Isabella who resembles Blair. They decide that Blair is the true heir. Blair also realizes that if Delancy becomes the Princess of Gardania, her house will be destroyed. Thus, she wants to prove that she is the true princess.

When about to leave for the palace, a fire alarm goes off. Delancy walks out of her room to discover her mother leaving the girls' room. She asks what her mother was doing, and she blatantly shrugs off her question and shooes her along to the cafeteria. As Blair and her friends are walking to the cafeteria, Dame Devin and Delancy stop them. Dame Devin accuses the girls of stealing her jewelry, and three necklaces are later found in the girls' room. The security guard is then ordered to detain them until after the coronation. While walking through the halls, Delancy lies and orders the guard to hand them into her control. He complies and leaves.

Delancy then asks Blair if she's really the true heir, Princess Sophia. Blair is determined to figure this out. Delancy then gives Blair a map to the basement, where the crown is stored. They get past the security system, only to find the crown and discover it was a trap. The girls are locked into the secret room and left while coronation day starts. Blair's adoptive mother and Emily are seen watching the coronation from home.

While Hadley is busy hacking away at the door with a sword, Blair and Isla manage to open a vent. Blair sends Grace to find Headmistress Privet, but she is blown backwards by a fan. Hadley's sword accidentally slips and hits a panel, which is revieled to be the circuit breaker. Hadley and Isla hook up the circuit breaker to Blair's phone and find that Dame Devin's password has been changed.

Isla has been humming Dame Devin's new password this whole time, as she and Hadley both heard her change it. Isla gets the code right and the girls escape. Meanwhile, Delancy stalls her coronation moment in order to give Blair and her friends more time to get to the coronation. She makes all her spectators spin seven times, hop on one foot, and pat their head and rub their tummy simultaneously.

The girls arrive just as Dame Devin decides no more foolish things shall be done. They all fight for the crown, but Delancy catches the crown as it soars through the air and crowns Blair. With the help of her friends, Blair gets the princess crown. Then, she proves that she is Princess Sophia. When she wears the crown, her appearance is changed. Delancy, who secretly supports Blair to be the princess, is chosen to be the Lady Royal. Dame Devin is arrested because she states that she killed the royal family on purpose. Blair's adoptive mother and Emily comes to the palace to live with her.